The problem with today’s safety compliance solutions?

Nobody wants to use them.

yodelME™ is ready to offer you a simple and complete communications and safety package.

With yodelME™ you can:

  • Communicate easily and inexpensively over satellite
  • Automate your safety checks
  • See where other people are and what they are doing
  • Help neighbors who need assistance with emergencies
  • Check in with Emergency Services if there is a natural disaster
  • Search for people and businesses

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Modern Safety Compliance Procedures are Broken

Radio check-ins require drivers to ignore road channels. Overloaded cell phone networks make phone check-ins impossible. And satellite phones are expensive - and that’s on the rare occasions when they don’t drop calls. Technology was supposed to make compliance easier. Instead, it’s frustrating workers, hindering company productivity, and wasting your time and money. Worst of all, it’s putting your workers’ safety at risk.

The Solution: Smart Tech Based on Smarter Science

Stanford professor BJ Fogg proved that it’s possible to achieve 100% compliance - if you can make safety tasks easy enough and get your workers motivated enough. yodelME’s™ new intelligent connectivity system removes barriers in the safety compliance process by making safety compliance simple, elegant, lucrative, and fun. It’s what we call “SELF Compliance”. Plus, yodelME’s™ flexible connectivity solution only uses satellites when it’s absolutely necessary - which means no more dropped calls. yodelME’s™ proven science-based approach gets workers personally invested in the compliance process - which makes them more likely to follow through with compliance.

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