Safety Compliance Tools That Workers Enjoy Using

yodelME (yodel mobile experience) is a simple, easy-to-use tool that gives your site workers everything they need to comply with safety procedures - without interfering with their jobs.


Keep in-field workers connected with One-Tap Status Check-ins

No more hoping and praying that workers are safe when a cellular or wifi connection is not available. No more hearing from site workers how inefficient check-ins are. And no more wasted time. yodelME’s simple check-in feature means your employees can check in or check out with a single tap - and then get back to work.


Report on Progress and Conditions with Direct Messaging

Need more detailed information about a situation that’s developing on site? Having a hard time hearing your site workers over the sound of machinery? yodelME’s in-app direct text messaging feature makes it easy to communicate via text, so no critical information gets lost.


Find Your Team in a Blizzard: GPS Tracking You Can Count On

yodelME uses your smartphone’s GPS tracker to keep a definitive lock on workers’ locations, so you can pull them out of dangerous situations with ease. Even in situations like blizzards or wildfires where it’s difficult to spot workers with site cameras, you can always see exactly where your workers are with yodelME.


The Big Red Button: Instantly Summon Emergency Help

In the event of an injury or other emergency, a fast response is essential to protecting your workers. yodelME’s one-tap emergency alert function immediately notifies head office in the event of an emergency. The alert can be triggered by simply tapping our Big Red Button, and is also triggered automatically if a site worker misses a safety check-in.

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