Who We Are

Based in Kelowna, British Columbia, yodelME™ (yodel Mobile Experience, formerly known as Athena) was the product of years of research and development. Founder Aaron Kilback spent years working in the energy sector, and during his time living in work camps, he saw firsthand the challenges that happen when companies don’t have reliable communication and safety reporting methods. After conducting 75 different interviews with workers from a broad range of service providers in these work camps, the yodelME™ concept was created - a rough preliminary design for a psychology-based communications system that could boost safety compliance. When employers from these sectors saw the initial design, they immediately recognized the system’s potential - and soon enough, there were investors lining up to fund the idea. Fast forward to today and yodelME™ is ready to offer your organization safety compliance that is simple, elegant, lucrative and fun. In most cases, users can learn the system and start using it flawlessly within a day. If you’re looking for ways to make your safety compliance process simpler, we’d love to talk to you - yodel at us to schedule your free demo.


Our Team

our history

Aaron Kilback, Founder

A former Detective Sergeant with the Conservation Officer Service, Aaron and his team created yodelME™ to protect the remote field workers he worked alongside for years. Aaron is a big-picture thinker who strives to create simple solutions to complex problems.

our history

Jeff Brown, Chief Technology Officer

Jeff’s work is transformational - he bridges the gap between technology concerns and business outcomes. His diverse background in computer science, cyber-security, and business strategy means he’s adept at designing technology that meets actual business concerns, is usable in a real business environment, and is completely secure.

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